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Culture is defined as the norms—often unwritten and unspoken—that influence how individuals work and what they expect of themselves and their colleagues.

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What enables organizational resilience?
What makes an adaptive team?

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Enhancing Organizational Culture for CLA

03-15-2019 | By Learning Lab
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Leveraging the Annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey for Reflection and Change

08-24-2017 | By Elizabeth Callender
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Local Resource Mobilization: A Case Study from USAID/Serbia Local Works

Sep 01,2021
By: Learning Lab
Local Works (LW) supports programs in which USAID and local partners work together to mobilize existing local resources for development, based on the belief that this enhances local leadership of development processes and leads to more sustainable outcomes. This case study investigates how partners in USAID/Serbia's LW Program have mobili...
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Knowledge Management During COVID-19: Review of Development Organizations' Practices and Experiences

Aug 13,2021
By: Learning Lab
This report, "Knowledge Management During COVID-19: Review of Development Organizations' Practices and Experiences", gathers and shares knowledge around how various development donors and other organizations have applied knowledge management and organizational learning tools during the time of COVID-19. Key findings and takeways are summa...

Piloting CLA Awards in The Philippines

Jul 26,2021
By: Martin Nañawa
Pilot builds on CLA best practicesPanagora Group holds the USAID CLAimHealth contract, which supports the agency to effectively implement its health portfolio in the Philippines through high-quality monitoring and evaluation data, continuous learning, and adaptive management.Following four years of robust activities to raise awareness and...
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Locally Led Development Spectrum and Checklist Tool

Jul 23,2021
By: Learning Lab
The Locally Led Development Spectrum and Checklist are instruments that USAID’s Locally Led Development Initiatives has developed and are testing to help USAID and our partners think about what locally led development means in practice, including throughout our Program Cycle and across different technical sectors. Both have been adapted...

Lessons in Evolution: Collaborating, Learning and Adapting in Uganda

Jul 08,2021
By: Nadia Shadravan
Five years ago, USAID’s Mission in Uganda was deep in the development of its Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for 2016-2021 – the document outlining a cohesive, cooperative strategy for USAID programs there, across all of it’s private, public and non-profit partners. The task of developing a new strategy was an opport...
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USAID/Vietnam Performance Management Principles

Jul 07,2021
By: Monalisa Salib
As part of the Performance Management Plan, USAID/Vietnam developed peformance management principles that informed the development and continued implementation of its approach to performance management. We hope these principles might inspire others to consider or develop performance management principles and reflect on whether their appro...
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Knowledge Management in the Era of COVID-19

May 18,2021
By: Learning Lab
On May 12, 2021, the Agency Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning (KMOL) Team at USAID hosted a conversation to discuss how development organizations are using KMOL to respond and adapt to COVID-19. The invited panelists included Kerry Albright (UNICEF Innocenti), Gabriela Keseberg Dávalos (Southern Voice), and Emily Janoch (C...

In Conversation with a 2019 CLA Case Competition Winner

Apr 21,2021
By: Learning Lab Team
Amy Prevatt, co-author of a 2019 winning case with USAID’s Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (USAID/LAC), reflects on why she and colleague Todd M. Anderson decided to enter the CLA Case Competition and shares tips on brainstorming ideas for submitting a case.In LAC MEL Specialists Use Peer Network to Improve Quality and Use of...

Using the CLA Maturity Tool, Virtually

Mar 23,2021
By: Monica Matts
Nearly five years ago, the CLA and the LEARN contract developed the Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Maturity Tool to help USAID missions and offices think more deliberately about how to plan for and implement CLA approaches. In the years since, many USAID and implementing partner teams have used the tool. They have found it hel...
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