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Processes are the management systems and practices around knowledge management, institutional memory and decision-making that can enable or hinder the ability to operationalize CLA.

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Tips for preserving institutional memory as staff come and go.
Managing knowledge can be cumbersome. This toolkit cluster can help.

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Managing Staff Transitions Through CLA: Preserving Institutional Memory as Staff Come and Go

02-22-2019 | By USAID Bureau for Policy Planning and Learning

Managing Knowledge

08-12-2019 | By Learning Lab
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USAID Climate Strategy 2022-2030

Apr 26,2022
By: USAID Climatelinks
Climate change is a global crisis. As temperatures and sea levels rise, people around the world are increasingly seeing heat waves, droughts, floods, cyclones, and wildfires upend their lives. The effects of climate change are not equal – they disproportionately impact the poorest and most marginalized communities USAID works to support...

Devastating vs Democratizing Data: How a global indicator can engage communities and be locally led

Feb 21,2022
By: Alysson Akiko Oakley
We are moving ever further into the realm of possibility afforded by advanced data analytics and experimental methodologies, such that answers to questions posed by wicked problems* are tantalizingly close. This is revolutionizing the development sector and helping us to realize our ethical obligation to use tools and strategies that are ...
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Institutional Capacity Development through an Integrated Needs-Based Practical Approach

Jan 31,2022
By: Mariam Taha
This resource shares how World Learning and the QITABI 2 project created a blended approach to provide partners with a roadmap to ultimate system strengthening using USAID's organizational capacity assessment (OCA) tool, human and institutional capacity development (HICD) framework, and a Feasibility Index. The OCA allowed for q...
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Organizational Capacity: An Enhanced Framework

Jan 05,2022
By: devandeignan
This resource provides an overview of current organizational capacity literature and proposes a new enhanced framework that reflects on the evolution of capacity development thinking in recent years. It considers performance, resilience, sustainability, adaptive learning, and systems thinking and homes in on a limited set of key observabl...
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How-To Note: Strategy-Level Portfolio Review

Nov 22,2021
By: USAID Bureau for Policy
This updated How-To Note supplements ADS It presents guidelines and recommended practices in planning and implementing a Mission-wide strategy-level portfolio review. These guidelines and practices can also be adapted for Washington-based Operating Unit portfolio reviews as well as project- and activity-level reviews conducted...
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Post-Evaluation Action Plans

Nov 19,2021
By: tonyagiannoni
This guidance describes the responsibilities and steps to prepare post-evaluation action plans that respond to evaluation report findings and conclusions, and recommendations (as required). The guidance is primarily for use by USAID staff.  
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Discussion Note: Making Evidence Accessible through Evaluation Synthesis

Oct 31,2021
By: tonyagiannoni
 Evaluation syntheses are analytic reviews of evaluations that aggregate findings from evaluation reports and/or examine the quality of the evaluations reviewed. This Discussion Note, Making Evidence Accessible through Evaluation Synthesis, focuses on two common types of evaluation syntheses that USAID commissions: meta-evaluati...
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Strengthening Knowledge Retention and Transfer During Staff Transitions

Aug 05,2021
By: Adrián Rivera-Reyes
USAID’s workforce is highly mobile, with Foreign Service staff in particular transitioning fairly frequently from post to post. Yet the Agency lacks a systematic process for capturing and transferring knowledge from outgoing staff to incoming staff. Consequently, during staff transitions, knowledge of our programs and their histories, u...

Piloting CLA Awards in The Philippines

Jul 26,2021
By: Martin Nañawa
Pilot builds on CLA best practicesPanagora Group holds the USAID CLAimHealth contract, which supports the agency to effectively implement its health portfolio in the Philippines through high-quality monitoring and evaluation data, continuous learning, and adaptive management.Following four years of robust activities to raise awareness and...
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