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Monitoring is the ongoing and systematic tracking of data or information relevant to USAID strategies, projects and activities. The analysis of monitoring data informs efforts to manage adaptively and promote accountability.

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How-To Note: Prepare and Maintain a Performance Management Plan (PMP)

12-03-2020 | By USAID Learning Lab
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How-To Note: Project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan

06-28-2017 | By USAID PPL
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How-To Note: Activity Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan

11-28-2016 | By USAID LEARN
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Selecting Performance Indicators

12-19-2017 | By USAID LEARN
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Standard Foreign Assistance Indicators

01-19-2018 | By Bureau for Policy
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COVID-19 Recurring Monitoring Survey: Info Briefs from CARE Bangladesh

Mar 10,2022
By: Learning Lab
Since June 2020, SHOUHARDO III’s Recurring Monitoring Survey (RMS) – implemented by CARE Bangladesh – has been collecting data to identify and track emerging and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic; including qualitative interviews and focused group discussions, with a specific focus on income levels, coping strategies, an...
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Measuring and Monitoring Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Collaboration: Guidance and Considerations

Jan 26,2022
By: aconrad
Collaboration is integral to improving nutrition outcomes. USAID Advancing Nutrition developed guidance for USAID missions and implementing partners on how to monitor and assess collaboration as part of multi-sectoral nutrition projects. This guidance enables Missions and partners to document and evaluate their collaboration at both the a...
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How-To Note: Strategy-Level Portfolio Review

Nov 22,2021
By: USAID Bureau for Policy
This updated How-To Note supplements ADS It presents guidelines and recommended practices in planning and implementing a Mission-wide strategy-level portfolio review. These guidelines and practices can also be adapted for Washington-based Operating Unit portfolio reviews as well as project- and activity-level reviews conducted...
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PSE MEL: Standard Agency PSE Indicators and Harmonizing Indicator Tool

Sep 23,2021
By: Learning Lab
Under its Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Policy, USAID is working hand-in-hand with the private sector to design and deliver development and humanitarian programs across all sectors, and to harness resources to open markets and other opportunities for U.S. businesses. The USAID PSE Evidence and Learning Plan, launched in 2019, champions ...

Adapting Monitoring Systems During COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Jun 07,2021
By: Lamia Anwar Shama and Iqbal Ahmed
By March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had reached Bangladesh, and the offices of the Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock Productivity for Improved Nutrition Activity had closed. Staff worked remotely, and in-person trainings, surveys, and monitoring visits halted. Instead, the Activity activated other ways of continuing its standard activ...
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Additional Help: Data Quality Assessment Checklist (DQA)

May 06,2021
This document provides users with access to a data quality assessment checklist which can be used by Operating Units when creating data quality assessments. The checklist is intended to assist in assessing each of the five aspects of data quality and provide a convenient manner in which to document the Operating Unit's data quality assess...
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Example Streamlined Performance Management Plan (PMP)

May 04,2021
By: USAID Bureau for Policy Planning and Learning
This PMP is an illustrative example intended to provide ideas for how Missions can utilize the revised ADS 201 requirements for PMPs, found in section A key revision to PMPs is the new requirement to identify learning priorities with plans for how to address them through monitoring, evaluation, and CLA. The hypothetical East T...
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Adaptive management: A practical guide to mitigating uncertainty and advancing evidence-based programming

Jan 25,2021
By: Alysson Akiko Oakley
Pact’s Adaptive Management Guide provides practical guidance to development practitioners globally on the mindsets, behaviors, resources, and processes that underpin an effective adaptive management system. It presents an approach to managing adaptively that is rooted in complexity analysis and program theory. It draws on Pact’s globa...
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How-To Note: Prepare and Maintain a Performance Management Plan (PMP)

Dec 03,2020
By: USAID Learning Lab
A Performance Management Plan (PMP) is a Mission-wide tool for planning and managing the process of (1) monitoring strategic progress, project performance, programmatic assumptions, and operational context; (2) evaluating performance and impact; and (3) learning and adapting from evidence. Each Mission must prepare a Mission-wide PMP...
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